Park Hour

To join the park hour group we will need to meet each other, and if you decide to join you will need to download or print the pdf document fill it in and bring it with you

Park Hour Information and Field Rules in PDF format to print or save Click here

Field Rules:
All dogs must be sociable with both other dogs and humans
Your dog(s) are solely your responsibility and must be kept under control at all times.
If an incident between your dog(s) and another should occur then you and the other owner are solely responsible for
seeking and paying for any veterinary care that may be required. A basic first aid kit is usually available on site.
Please do not leave the field without your dog(s) unless you have brought someone else who is able to control your
dog(s) in your absence.
Please pick up all your dog(s) poo during their time at Park Hour and you will take your poo bags away with you when you leave.
Please remove your dog(s) on lead from the field if asked to do so.
I am aware that the field is not an even surface and I am responsible for my own wellbeing as well as that of my